Projects and Assignments

International Fortune 500 Utilities and Energy Business

Preparing IT Strategy Presentation for Exec and Senior Management Annual Conference

Cogitant worked with the VP for Information Technology and team to produce a keynote presentation on IT strategy for a corporate senior management conference. Mike prepared a coherent and visually appealing set of slides summarising work previously undertaken with the client, and showcasing two success stories associated with global sharing of knowledge and capabilities in a largely federal organisation.

Major International Energy Company

Adapting and Applying Due Diligence approach for a new type of business

Cogitant was engaged from the earliest stages of evaluating this electric vehicle charging technology and services business. Mike studied the target business and developed a due diligence approach reflecting the business model and activities, many of which were new to the client organisation. As management of an extensive charging point network and relationships with EV owners formed an important part of the value in the deal, Information Technology matters had high focus and visibility throughout the pre-sale and pre-completion phases. Scope of work included IT standards, policies and procedures as well as technologies deployed, with particular emphasis on digital security. As the client's first acquisition post GDPR implementation deadline there was also addition focus on approach to personal data privacy. The deal completed slightly ahead of plan in July 2018.

High-growth Service Provider to the Pharmaceutical Industry

Choosing a New Infrastructure Service Provider

Cogitant provided process, commercial and subject matter expertise to support an infrastructure services RFP and selection process for this client. Mike helped develop a robust RFP document and contributed to the list of suppliers to be approached. He worked with the client IT team to review and rate prospective suppliers and proposals through the shortlisting and formal evaluation stages, and sat as part of the final selection panel. He supported the CIO and team in contract review and commercial negotiation stages, helping secure a sound agreement on reasonable terms. The contract was awarded in February 2018.

International Fortune 500 Utilities and Energy Business

Briefing Corporate Execs on technology developments and new strategy

Cogitant worked with the VP for Information Technology to refine thinking around a new cloud-first infrastructure strategy, and prepare materials for the Board-level audience. Mike then developed pre-read and presentation materials for the meeting explaining the proposed technology and organisational approach to move towards infrastructure harmonisation and better sharing of scarce resources across the group. The presentation was well received and proposed approaches endorsed.

Major International Energy Company

Pre-sale information publication and project initiation with buyer

Cogitant collated information from multiple sources and prepared IT documentation to support the sale process for this offshore asset sale. Mike met with the prospective buyer before and after signing to discuss IT applications, infrastructure and communication system associated with the asset, and to review transition options and plans. 

International Fortune 500 Utilities and Energy Business

Promoting Enterprise-wide Optimisation of IT

Cogitant worked with the newly appointed Vice President for IT to develop and publish an IT strategy document for Corporate Board discussion. The document introduced opportunity areas across applications, infrastructure and organisation, promoting and leading constructive discussion about proposed changes to structure and approach. A simple conceptual model based on Jeanne Ross's work on process architectures was introduced to support global / local discussion in a currently decentralised international business.

International Fortune 500 Utilities and Energy Business

Providing Current, Relevant Information Security Briefing

Cogitant developed a tailored information security briefing to help improve levels of awareness and understanding within the client organisation's management team. The briefing drew on a combination of actual client experiences and risks, set against the external threat landscape. Risks and consequences were illustrated via three relevant case studies, and practical risk-based steps to mitigate threats on an ongoing basis were presented.

Major International Energy Company

Pre-signing due diligence study of prospective Asian fuels retail JV partner

Cogitant led an IT DD investigation of this prospective JV partner based initially on public domain and data room information. Mike prepared the agendas, briefing and information collection documents that supported a series of discussions with partner and client teams, culminating in a visit to the partner's head office and fuel retail facilities. Mike also prepared first-order IT build cost estimates for the new JV business for inclusion in investment decision support documents. The JV agreement was signed in April 2017.