Projects and Assignments

International Fortune 500 Utilities and Energy Business

Promoting Enterprise-wide Optimisation of IT

Cogitant worked with the newly appointed Vice President for IT to develop and publish an IT strategy document for Corporate Board discussion. The document introduced opportunity areas across applications, infrastructure and organisation, promoting and leading constructive discussion about proposed changes to structure and approach. A simple conceptual model based on Jeanne Ross's work on process architectures was introduced to support global / local discussion in a currently decentralised international business.

International Fortune 500 Utilities and Energy Business

Providing Current, Relevant Information Security Briefing

Cogitant developed a tailored information security briefing to help improve levels of awareness and understanding within the client organisation's management team. The briefing drew on a combination of actual client experiences and risks, set against the external threat landscape. Risks and consequences were illustrated via three relevant case studies, and practical risk-based steps to mitigate threats on an ongoing basis were presented.

Major International Energy Company

Early-stage preparation of IT landscape documentation for two large upstream divestments

During the early stages of preparation for marketing and sale, Cogitant collated and analysed information from multiple sources to develop an accurate picture of the IT landscape supporting two large collections of upstream business assets. These collections were marketed separately and ultimately sold to different buyers. The business scope of each sale included offshore platforms, onshore processing and storage, and onshore / offshore pipeline networks.  The divestments involved multiple equity stakes and transfer of operatorship responsibilities.  Cogitant's work was used to support discussions with prospective bidders, and to inform client discussions around likely transition costs and complexity during the early stages of the projects. Cogitant is providing subject matter expertise to the teams now involved in executing separation and divestment projects.

Major International Energy Company

Due diligence, transition planning and negotiation

From initial research and data room analysis through to final negotiations and legal documents review, Cogitant played a significant part in preparing IT-related parts of this 1 billion GBP fuel retail acquisition. The deal - signed in late 2016 - involves acquisition, rebranding and integration of over 500 retail stations, along with associated changes to the client's existing estate. Cogitant's responsibilities included:

  • Seller and target research - IT landscape, capabilities.
  • Analysis of business and IT information available via data room; driving IT Q&A process; preparing reports and presentations.
  • Development and refinement of cost models for integration and ongoing operating costs, as input to business valuation. Monte Carlo simulation modelling uncertainties.
  • Review of transition and integration options and plans with local and global IT teams.
  • Due diligence reviews with seller IT teams during later stages; preparation of reports.
  • Modelling capex and opex impact on client organisation.
  • Legal document review & mark-up.
  • Transition services discussions and negotiations, securing significant reductions for client.

Major International Energy Company

Marketing, transition planning and Execution

Cogitant was engaged initially to support IT-related discussions with potential bidders for this major European oil terminal, and to assess the bidders' ability to execute in the client's required timeframe. Upcoming changes in regulation drove an aggressive timescale for completion, and so Cogitant was retained to work with both client and buyer teams to drive planning and execution of detailed and complex cut-over activities. The divestment completed successfully on time and with minimal disruption to operations.

Rapidly Growing Service Provider to the Pharmaceutical Industry

CEO / CFO advisory, IT staff mentoring

Cogitant provides advice and guidance to the CFO and CEO of this dynamic and rapidly growing Private Equity-backed service organisation, principally around IT investment decisions and budgeting. Mike also meets regularly with the IT manager to review plans and performance.

Aviation Division of Major International Energy Company

Pre and post-acquisition planning and execution

Cogitant made a significant contribution to this successful acquisition and integration of fuelling activities at 80 airports across 7 European countries. Initial tasks included pre-bid due diligence - assessing both the IT needed to operate in-scope assets and the seller's ability to support the transition - and preparation of IT cost estimates for the acquisition. Cogitant worked with the client project team to evaluate and recommend a suitable transition approach and timeline for business integration. Following agreement of deal terms, Cogitant provided subject matter expertise and support to the client team, including insight into target business activities and technologies deployed, and analysis of target supply chain operations. Other contributions included IT spend tracking across the programme and appraisal of seller security arrangements associated with transition services.

A series of country-based projects transitioned target business operations to standard client processes and systems during 2015. The programme completed within time and budget without any disruption to airport operations.

Major International Energy Company

Pre-sale preparation for JV divestment and transition of operatorship

Cogitant prepared IT-related documentation for inclusion in the data room for this $500m sale, and supported the early stage discussions and Q&A process with bidders. The task required analysis and synthesis of information from multiple sources along with interviews and site visits.  Mike supported initial transition planning and on-boarding of a full-time project manager responsible for execution.