Major International Energy Company

Building a Robust Software Inventory and Advising on Negotiation Approach

This client intended to divest its stake in a long-standing JV. While not the JV operator, it had over a long period provided the JV with rights to use software under subsidiary clauses in its corporate agreements. Under the plans to diivest, our client needed to account for the licensing position in detail, and arrange to pass on to the JV partner and / or counterparty any rights that were deemed "belonging to the JV". Cogitant's task was a complex analytical one, taking large volumes of unstructured data in the form of spreadsheets, reports and emails spanning a 20-year period and distilling them into a coherant view of the current position and recommendations for action.

Having provided the negotiation and procurement teams with a secure evidence-based position to work from, Mike also supported the negotiations taking place at local level. The divestment completed successfully in October 2019.