Major International Energy Company

Supporting a Business Divestment and Restructuring Programme

Cogitant has supported successful completion of a significant multi-country business divestment and restructuring programme involving downstream LPG activities within one of the world's largest energy companies.  The engagement involved guiding and supporting project teams preparing for and executing a diverse and complex set of technology, process and people-related changes across eight regional business units.

Cogitant's involvement began soon after the intention to restructure and divest businesses was made public.  The engagement scope has included activities supporting preparation, bidder and buyer engagement, inventory and sale-scope agreement, along with overseeing planning and execution of divestment projects. Short lead-times between deal signing and completion were achieved through expedient risk and scenario-based planning and execution. Different approaches were needed for each business unit, reflecting the complex and heterogeneous systems landscapes and the differing needs of the 7 buyers involved. Each divestment in the programme completed on time, within budget and without business disruption.