SANS Institute

More Practical Fun with InfoSec

Following last year's participation in the fun and educational capture-the-flag event KringleCon, Mike once again dusted down his programming skills and mastery of obscure linux commands to take on the 12 information security challenges provided by the SANS team in KringleCon 2. This year he fared better than last time, completing all 12 problems within the allotted time (just!). This year's challenges included a lot of network and logfile analysis via tools like Splunk and RITA, as well as a programming a practical application of machine learning to break a CAPTCHA. There was also a tricky crypto code reverse-engineering challenge that brought back happy memories on 6809 assembler programming.

If you're brave, you can read all about it here.

At the awards ceremony held on 13th February 2020, Mike received a "honorable mention" award, putting him in a cohort of 125 award winners from a total of 14,912 people who entered the challenge.