Cogitant can provide assistance in many areas relating to strategy, innovation and technology management. Here are some examples based on past activities, experience and expertise.

Strategy Development

  • Defining, managing and executing IT strategy development processes aligned with the businesses they serve.
  • Developing meaningful strategic responses to drivers identified - internal, external, business, technology lifecycle.
  • Providing subject matter expertise and strong research skills across many areas of technology and business.
  • Developing compelling documents that communicate agreed strategy effectively.
  • Helping client organisations translate strategy into actionable plans and execution processes.

Information Security

  • Providing holistic and practical guidance on managing information security in line with good practice and legal requirements (GDPR, PCI, ISO).
  • Performing information security audits and investigations, including process control and embedded systems as well as commercial IT.
  • Developing and delivering information security briefings and communications campaigns, tailored to client needs.

Technology Management

  • Delivering practical benefits from Enterprise Architecture management processes and techniques.
  • Helping clients understand risks and benefits associated with developing technologies: separating fact from fiction in areas including Cloud Services, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Social Media, Virtual Reality.
  • Defining and implementing technology management processes including:
    • New technology monitoring, evaluation and introduction.
    • Structured product evaluation and selection.
    • Enterprise architecture governance and development.
    • Technology roadmapping.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestments

  • Pre and post-deal planning and execution for IT integration / dis-integration plans, working on behalf of seller, buyer or target organisation.
  • Gathering and presenting intelligence on counterparty IT capabilities and approaches.
  • Programme and Project Management for complex multi-national projects in high-pressure and short lead-time MA&D environments.
  • Mentoring project managers and other team participants.
  • Maintaining order amid chaos.

Risk Management

  • Defining and implementing effective risk management processes.
  • Facilitating risk workshops.
  • Assessing risk management plans.

Programme Management and Steering

  • Supporting large complex projects and programmes as an experienced and independent board or steering committee member.
  • Directing large complex projects and programmes as Programme Manager.
  • Financial analysis and modelling.

Mentoring and CIO Support

  • Mentoring CIOs and IT team members.
  • Offering independent analysis and advice on a range of organisational and technological issues.
  • Undertaking high-priority and confidential project work on behalf of CIOs and boards.
  • Providing pragmatic insight into supplier strategies and roadmaps.
  • Analysing and documenting existing operating models including processes, organisations and capabilities.
  • Organisational analysis using ITIL, CMMI, COBIT reference models to establish strengths and weaknesses, gaps and process maturity


  • Providing advice and guidance on the management and encouragement of innovation.
  • Providing meaningful briefing on emerging trends and technologies to people at all levels of technical knowledge.
  • Researching and evaluating new technology-related business opportunity areas for clients.
  • Facilitating and stimulating group discovery and innovation processes.

 Commercial Support

  • Defining commercial negotiation strategies and approaches.
  • Conducting market reviews and analysis, briefing negotiating teams and staff.
  • Identifying and minimising contractual risks, maximising opportunities.
  • Negotiating with suppliers.


  • Assimilating data and information from multiple incomplete sources into coherent, presentable documents drafted to meet identified needs and purpose.
  • Delivering verbal and written communications matched to audience needs.
  • Mentoring and supporting staff in effective communications techniques.